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Separate and apart from our litigation practice, the Firm assists its clients in forming corporate entities and preparing necessary contracts, documents and other paperwork necessary to achieve our clients’ corporate goals.

Some of the services we provide include, but are not limited to, assistance with:

• Developing a strong business plan
• Choosing the best form of business entity for you
• Financing through private placements
• Minimizing liabilities and the risk of litigation
• Limiting personally liability
• Drafting, reviewing and negotiating business contracts
• Making sure businesses comply with legal formalities
• Maintaining minutes
• Purchasing/selling businesses and/or real estate
• Litigating business disputes
• Negotiating favorable business transactions
• Drafting employee manuals
• Representation before municipalities in land use and zoning matters
• Protection from employees with detailed non-competition agreements and other tools
• Drafting non-circumvention agreements to protect your business value
• Serving as a registered agent to make sure that a default judgment is never entered against a business for failure to comply with a lawsuit

The Firm is also committed to creating precise contracts that clearly define the relationship and expectations between each party involved. Taking the time to invest in a solid contract can save a tremendous amount of time, hassle and money by avoiding costly litigation that can arise from poorly designed contracts. Online forms do not provide you with the protection that can be afforded with a tailored agreement for a specific transaction.

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